A Backpackers Guide to Easter Easter is a popular time of year for foodies like me who relish in eating mountains of glorious chocolate almost guilt-free. However this year, Easter will pass by unnoticed as I write this whilst backpacking in South East Asia, with the majority of countries being Buddhist and therefore not celebrating Easter. It’s celebrations like this which lead me to think about home and miss the family. Not to mention the food, with that eaten at Easter being some of the most delicious.

Marzipan is one of my favourite flavours and features in a number of Easter treats such as Simnel cake, a

childhood favourite of my mother’s. Unheard of my much of the younger generation, Simnel cake is fruit cake with a layer of marzipan in the centre and again on top plus 12 balls of marzipan around the edge to represent the 12 disciples. This is best enjoyed with a cup of tea after a traditional roast dinner with the whole family on Easter Sunday.

There are also plenty of independent chocolatiers such as Charbonnel et Walker which offer Easter gift selections at exceptionally good quality if a little pricier than your standard Cadbury’s egg. Instead of rushing out to grab those last minute bargain eggs, why not give your loved ones a more thoughtful gift this Easter such as a homemade cake?

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