Construction began a week last Friday on one house that is not going to win any prizes for using sustainable building materials. Nope, this real life "edible gingerbread house featuring meringue clouds, a cupcake lawn, and a pond filled with sweets" is not built to last, so get along to the Brunswick Shopping Centre, Bloomsbury, London this weekend (3-5 June) while it still stands.

It is being made from three different types of gingerbread, chocolate pastry and vanilla tiles on the roof, and inside, Bourbon biscuit shelves and pictures on the wall made from sweets. And who’s behind it? BB columnist and bakery’s chief mischief-maker, Lily Vanilli, of course, working alongside architect firm Alma-Nac.

There will also be giant edible gingerbread men, stories, music and workshops from Lily, who will be teaching kids how to decorate their own gingerbread.

With all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital, let’s hope there’s no child cannibal witch lurking within, as originally envisaged in the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, or the whole project will surely backfire.

And what happens to the house afterwards? Naturally enough, the plan is for it to be eaten. However, Stop the Week is alternatively proposing to move into the house. Space in our current gingerbread offices is shrinking by the day.