The Drury Tea & Coffee Company (London) unveiled its latest range of espresso coffees using the Rancilio Classe 8 Tall machine, imported by associate firm The Coffee Machine Company at the inaugural Caffé Culture exhibition in May.

Designed with coffee shop and takeaway markets in mind, the Classe 8 Tall machine is fitted with an optional three-shot spout, capable of producing 20oz drinks, yet at the same time serving espresso regular-sized cups, thanks to a ‘pop-out’ shelf.

Unlike the original Classe 8 machine, the Tall version has a greater space between drip tray and group head to allow larger cups to be used.

The machine can also be ­fitted with a TSC steam wand, an advanced milk frother that produces foam for cappuccino and other milk-based drinks. It also features a self-clean cycle.

The Classe 8 Tall is made from stainless steel and is available in two, three or four-group automatic format.

The two-group automatic with TSC auto frother has a list price of £4,140.