Irn-Bru maker AG Barr has announced the acquisition of Groupe Rubicon - a UK-based manufacturer and distributor of exotic juice drinks.

Rubicon had sales of £27.3m for the year ended 31 December 2007 and will diversify Barr’s product range, while significantly enhancing its customer base.

AG Barr chief executive Roger White said: "The acquisition of the Rubicon business is a great opportunity for Barr. The growth momentum of the Rubicon brand in the exotic juice drinks sector and the potential to build on this through its combination with Barr is exciting. The acquisition is in line with our core strategy of developing our portfolio and increasing the scale of our business. At the same time it strengthens our position in the growing juice drinks category."

Rubicon juices include papaya, mango, passion fruit, guava and lychee.

The transaction was approved by shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 25 August, and was due to be completed on 29 August.