As the UK gets set to relax rules on patients using mobile phones in hospital wards, bakers on the other side of the globe are doing the opposite - by banning mobiles in bakeries. The Australian reported on one, Sam Hansen, who has taken the bold step of banning mobile phones from her Sydney shop, Bakers Delight. The snapping point came after a trainee shopkeeper was hassled by a mobile-wielding customer for - perhaps unforgivably - enquiring what said shopper would like to purchase. "She yelled at him for interrupting her and then apologised to the person she was speaking to on the phone," Hansen is quoted as saying. "All he was doing was asking her how she was. We’re not robots. We do have feelings."

Hansen now snubs any customers who are on the phone and has put up posters in the shop warning them off. Hear, hear!!

But is she going far enough? Stop the Week has learned of a number of mobile ’jammers’ on the market. Imagine the joy of seeing the pained faces of mobile phone abusers as their pointless prattling is cut short while approaching the counter? Sadly regulator Ofcom has banned their use in the UK. Spoilsports.