Police have released CCTV images of a pair of burglars who stole a safe and its contents from a bakery shop in York. 

The pair struck at 6.15am the Cornish Pasty Bakery in Colliergate on 18 February. The shop’s CCTV cameras captured the whole incident, Fiona Parkinson, who owns the business with husband Richard, told British Baker.

She said the well-dressed pair had been loitering outside before trying the door and kicking it down with three kicks. They then raced around inside, finding the till drawers open and empty.

Then they spotted the locked safe and dragged it across to the door, before disappearing off down the high street. They reappeared a few minutes later with a luggage trolley, which they put the safe on and walked off down the street.

The police were called shortly afterwards. Parkinson said: “My husband also went out and asked if anyone had seen anything strange down at the market. They told him that two men had been looking for jump leads to start their car.”

The safe and £900 inside it remain missing as the police continue their investigations. The Cornish Pasty Bakery has two shops in York, employing 20 people.