Royston’s Traditional Bakery in Long Stratton has enlisted the help of a ‘business doctor’ to help grow its bakery and coffee shop business.

Royston Owen and his wife Michelle took over the bakery, formerly known as Mr Bunn the Baker, in May 2007 after spending four years as bakery manager for the previous owners Gary and Barbara Bunn.

Owen has worked to create an old-fashioned, traditional bakery and coffee shop, and called in business doctor Hamish McMinn to help develop a strategy for long-term growth.

“The recent economic climate has been a strong reminder that no matter how much passion you have as a baker, a bakery is a business like any other,” said Owen. “It’s easy to get too caught up in the everyday running of the bakery and forget you need a strong strategy to ensure the bakery remain successful as a business.”

He said it has help him focus on what the bakery does best, as well as looking at areas in which it could improve.

Business Doctors is a national network of business experts, specialising in helping small and medium sized businesses achieve growth through practical support with strategy, sales and profit growth and staff engagement.