If the fashion for iced biscuits had been on the wane, The Biscuiteers have single-handedly made it their mission to revive the tradition in the UK.

Having been inspired by highly decorated biscuit creations on a visit to New York, founder Sarah Moore and partner Stevie were inspired to start a bakery business in 2007. Now supplying many of the upmarket department stores in Britain, Moore has put pen to paper to share some of their product inspirations.

As befits a largely gift-orientated business, many of the ideas here are seasonal, with clever twists such as biscuit advent calendars. While there are plenty of fashion cookies (dresses and shoes), it’s not all cutesy, with blokey biscuits for dads.

With the Royal wedding approaching, why not try the ingenious bunting biscuits: Union Jack-decorated and hanging along a cord?