Winning by a nose in the final furlong to snatch the ’Letter of the Year’ title is the following missive, received this week by email.
Open-minded types that we are, we weren’t ruling anything out. "Pray tell, how do you envisage working with us?" we asked, intrigued by the possibilities opening up before us.
"Thank you for your fast reply," came the answer. "Can you offer product reviews? Another option we could consider would be to run a prize giveaway/competition with you? For your site, in particular, I thought you might be interested in working together to promote a new range of maternity lingerie we are about to take on Cake Lingerie. We thought we could try to brainstorm a fun way to promote it with you? Please let me know your thoughts."
If that tantalising prospect isn’t reason enough to renew your subscription next year, we don’t know what is. In the meantime, while we scratch our heads to find a way to make this kinky cake crossover work for you our valued reader your ideas and suggestions are, as ever,