PR experts detail how to effectively communicate coronavirus safety measures over social media and in-store

How to communicate safety measures to customers

As lockdown eases, some bakeries are reopening their doors to eager customers both online and in person, while others have been operational the entire time. Regardless, safety is a top priority.

How Macphie is raising staff morale during the outbreak

Heather Hannam, head of HR at Macphie, explains how the company has implemented different ways to maintain a team spirit among staff, whether furloughed or not.

What one cake maker did when the lockdown struck

Victoria Carr, chief baker at Victoria’s Sponges, on how she extended her cake business into baking kit supply during lockdown.

What will bakeries look like in a post-Covid world?

Sue Springett, commercial manager at furniture and equipment supplier Teknomek, on the action bakeries will have to take to reduce risk in manufacturing facilities.

Covid diary: How Christie set up a delivery business

Andrew Chisholm, owner of Scottish bakery business JB Christie, explains how the business developed a thriving online delivery system at the most challenging of times.

Bakeries are delivering groceries alongside baked goods direct to consumers

How does a bakery launch a home delivery service?

Bakery businesses are launching delivery services, either locally or nationally, to continue to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic. Here, they discuss how to get started.

How can bakeries deal with a shortage of dust masks?

Health chiefs have issued guidance for bakeries struggling to source dust masks as the Covid-19 outbreak pushes up demand for protective personal equipment (PPE).

Puratos offers advice on how to extend the shelf life of croissants and more

Easy ways to extend the shelf-life of bakery items

Demand for baked goods with a longer shelf-life is increasing, according to Puratos, which has offered advice to bakeries looking to tap into this demand.

Social distancing advice for food plants and takeaways

Official guidance on how businesses operating a takeaway service or food processing plant should manage coronavirus risks has been published.

Coronavirus: What grants are available to bakeries?

Gary Hemming, commercial lending director at finance broker ABC Finance, outlines the ways a bakery might access financial support

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