Burton’s Foods has launched its Cadbury Christmas Biscuits range, with new products to tempt chocoholics.

Seasonal edition Cadbury Mallows come in Caramel and Turkish varieties: the Caramel or Turkish-filled mallow comes on a biscuit base, covered in milk chocolate (RSP: £1.59). Also new are Cadbury Festives 14 biscuits with mint or orange cream centres, in milk chocolate, which are targeted at consumers wanting snacks to share over the festive season or as an after-dinner treat (RSP: £1.59).

The old favourite Cadbury Collection Tin of indulgent shortcake biscuits with milk chocolate coating comes in a newly designed special commemorative tin (£9.99), while the Cadbury Occasions Selection Carton (£4.99) has had a festive makeover. The Cadbury Cookie Collection is also back with new chunkier cookies 33% more than the old 300g pack at the same RSP of £4.99.