Is the coming of the Apocalypse going to be triggered by some baker Beelzebub? Thus pondered one dumbstruck Fox News host Shepard Smith, who ominously met news of the latest sarnie innovation a bacon and cheese donut burger by saying: "There are signs of the Apocalypse. I mean, you hear about them. This may be one of them."

That’s correct: a glazed and buttered Krispy Kreme donut, halved and filled with cheese and bacon. And how many calories does this flavour of eternal damnation contain? Well, you’re not going to get much change from 1,500 calories.

Craz-E Burger reportedly sold 1,000 each day for 17 days at a fair in Massachusetts. But a little digging revealed that this is far from being the limits of what you can do with a donut. points to a similar artery clogger that features a burger between two glazed donuts, and chucks in some peanut butter to boot. Peter Pan Bakery in Brooklyn, New York, does a donut sandwich filled with cookies-and-cream ice cream.

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