These cakes were inspired by Coco Chanel and the iconic Chanel camellia. The monochrome designs would provide the perfect memento for a chic bridal shower, for example.


Ingredients (per cake) Amount

Round cake 5cm (2in)

Marzipan 60g (2 1?4oz)

Black or plain sugar paste 75g (2 3?4oz)

Black ribbon 15mm (5?8in) wide 20cm (8in)

Silver ribbon 6mm (1?4in) wide 20cm (8in)

Royal icing, for fixing

Black or white petal paste 30g (1oz)

Icing sugar for dusting

Small rolling pin

Rose-petal cutter 2cm (3?4in)

Sugar glue


1. Stamp out small cakes from a large cake with a 5cm (2in) cutter. Brush the top of the cake with boiled, slightly cooled apricot jam.

2. Place a 15cm (6in) square of 3mm (1?8in) thick marzipan over each cake and stamp out with the cutter to remove any excess, then flatten out the top and sides with straight-edged smoothers.

3. Brush the marzipan-covered cakes with brandy or cooled boiled water.

4. Repeat the technique in step 2, but instead of marzipan use a 20cm (8in) square of black or plain sugar paste and a 7.5cm (3in) cutter. Leave to firm overnight.

5. Wrap a length of black ribbon overlaid with a length of silver ribbon around each cake, trim neatly and secure with a dab of royal icing.

6. To make the camellias, knead the petal paste until soft and pliable. On a clean work surface, lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll out the paste to a depth of 2.5mm (1?8in). Cut out 11 petals using a rose-petal cutter. Roll one of them to form a central bud. A

7. On four of the petals, use the sharp end of the cutter to nick a small amount from the opposite rounded edge and gently soften these edges by rubbing them with your finger. B

8. Dab the pointed edge of each petal with sugar glue and fix evenly around the central bud. Gently curl these petals outwards. C

9. Apply the second layer of six petals beneath the first layer, overlapping as they go around. Again, gently curl these outwards so that the tips are flush with the work surface. Leave to firm, then fix each camellia into position on a cake with a dab of icing. D