Cranberry supplier Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group has introduced a new version of its sweetened dried cranberry (SDC). The natural juice SDC is claimed by the company to deliver all the health benefits associated with cranberries in an all-natural product.

Sweetened entirely by natural fruit, it has a clean ingredient profile, which offers food manufacturers a marketing edge in the health and functional foods sector, says the company.

“Now manufacturers within the health food sector can add new value and functionality to their products by incorporating this fruit ingredient, without compromising the end product’s ingredient list,” says Ocean Spray ITG senior manager, worldwide marketing, Arun Hiranandani.

According to the firm, the SDC has a tangy taste, vibrant colour and process tolerance. The product is claimed to retain its shape and colour during manufacture without suffering colour bleed or moisture loss. It is suitable for baked goods, cereal bars and fruit and nut mixes.