A CyBake software designer got a feel for the baking industry when we went to help out at Geordie baker Thomsons.

Andrew Throup, who has installed RedBlack Software’s CyBake business management software at bakers across the UK, joined the bakers on a couple of night shifts. He helped to make sourdough and prepped the next day’s orders.

“To go and work at a bakery and see how they actually use the records that we produce and to have some hands-on experience of their processes helps enormously,” said Throup. “I didn’t realise there was so much effort in making fancies: little cakes that go in the shop window – chocolate-covered ones with a few sprinkles on. A lot of time goes into making one of those things and they only cost about 60p.”

Thomsons Bakery is based in Westerhope Village, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It produces speciality breads such as Newcastle “Broon Ale” Bread, Genuine Geordie Stotties, Sunflower and Lemon Bread and Italian Stonecuts.