DrieM, a new company that has become part of the Kaak Group, represented by Benier UK, has pioneered an automated sheeted dough line, designed from scratch, for the production of artisanal breads and pizza crusts. It will be launched at IBA.

Dough is rolled through three progressively tighter sets of cantilevered rollers to produce an initial undamaged dough sheet. The dough is then further rolled in width and length to produce a final dough sheet.

Four products can be made: cut, rounded, and moulded breads and pizza crusts, and breads can be bespoke to individual bakeries. There is also a conveyor and guillotine option. Up to 3,200kg of dough per hour for ciabattas, baguettes, bloomers, pains de campagne and pizza bases can be produced.

David Marsh, MD of supplier Benier UK, said: "The special patented sheeting system has been designed to enhance dough flow control over all doughs, but especially very fluid bread doughs. It can produce a wide range of breads from fine to open structure on just one line."

He added: "There has also been a big advance in hygienic design for cleaning."

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