High street sandwich chain EAT has signed for three new sites as it launches two new products. 

The three sites are being built now and are located at High Holborn, Broadwick Street in Soho and Lime Street in London. It is part of an “ambitious store opening programme” to open three 10 new stores in London by the end of June this year and 30 further in the financial year to June 2016.

Sarah Doyle, brand director, said: “We will focus initially on London, but will also be looking at other urban areas to build and expand the brand as we move into next year.”

Two new products have just been launched and will be supported with advertising from Monday – a bacon and egg hot roll for breakfast and a beef and horseradish hot roll will be added to the lunch menu.

“The hot filled roll is something we launched onto our menu around two years ago and is unique to EAT in the food-to-go space,” she said. “Importantly, it’s also something customers love and return to EAT to buy, meaning it’s in 54% revenue growth year-on-year.”

The company ran a Hero Soup campaign earlier this year that saw the menu changed to include the four most popular soups. As a result, soup category sales rose by 14% from the start of January to the end of February.

The campaign was supported with advertising in the Metro, Time Out and City AM to spread the word about the new menu.