Yes, we know it’s childish. We know it should be beneath us. But we couldn’t help sniggering at some of the exhibitors’ names at French bakery show Europain this week. Such schoolboy tittering is unbecoming, but to puerile Brit journalists, this is what visiting overseas trade events is all about.

There was definitely an ’artisanal’ theme to the exhibition - with the emphasis very much on the second syllable of that word - with the likes of Pain "Paillasse" (what the quotation marks signify, we can only guess). Then there was Vulganus Spirals - we don’t even want to know what they make. But best of the rear-themed bunch was the exquisitely named Ars Pan.

Others that tickled us included Lego Foods, which doesn’t make products from toy plastic bricks. Sinmag, which sounds like something you’d find on the top shelf of your newsagent. And Brabender, which we can only imagine is some kind of crossover between bakery equipment and womens’ underwear.