fresh! naturally organic has launched a range of ‘credit crunch munch’ slimline sandwiches to tempt more consumers to go green.

Ryan Varga-Clark, responsible for marketing, said they were an alternative to the brand’s more substantial filled sandwiches and should appeal to those cost-conscious shoppers who were not usually tempted to buy organic food. “Not everyone wants to spend £3 on lunch every day.”

He added: “Some people just want plain ham and don’t want varied flavours. It’s the same organic ingredients, but using simpler fillings in bread that is 20% thinner.”

The 11-strong ‘skinny’ range includes varieties such as cheddar & tomato and veggie sausage, and is priced from £1.65 to £2.45; the egg mayo is £1.65 compared with the standard £2.10 version.

The brand has also given its packaging a face-lift to help customers choose the right sandwich. Its packaging is lime green with a daisy logo and ‘fresh! skyline’ cutting into the sandwich window to draw more attention to the pack and filling.

Dark green packaging is used for ‘flavour of the month’ and orange packaging marks out wheat-free sandwich varieties.

The fresh! naturally organic range includes sandwiches, salads and yoghurt pots, with plans for a new range of quiches and pies to be launched in the spring.