Coconut: There is little to no shortage of coconut worldwide. Demand has reduced at the higher levels so we are quite confident that, currency permitting, we should see prices ease into 2009.

Raisins: While Turkey is light on raisins this season, Californian supply is excellent and should total more than 300,000 tonnes.

Sultanas: With a significantly reduced Iranian crop this season, Turkey will continue to dominate supply of sultanas into 2009 and without any major competition. Prices will be dictated by Turkey, although its monopoly does not necessarily mean that it will be able to push prices any higher.

Apricots: With the uncertainty of forward demand, set against a weaker Lira, good supply and nervous origin stock holders, we would expect prices to ease although Sterling is doing its best to hide the decreases at source.

Prunes: Demand for prunes is still strong for the Christmas trade. The only respite to pricing is if we see a significant downturn in demand itself.

Currants: The ongoing industrial action in Greece continues to create horrendous logistical issues at all destinations. There has been a scarcity of stocks at the start of the new season, with demand at its peak and availability at its worst, prices have increased significantly and without respite.

l Based on information supplied by RM Curtis