Here’s a great hot cross bun recipe, with a twist! As hot cross buns are already on sale in the supermarkets, and Easter is late this year, avoid consumer fatigue by baking them like a mini panettone. These are great for cafés, served in panettone cases.



Strong bread making flour2.84kg




White shortening or butter370g


Non-diastatic malt flour30g

Whole egg140g

Milk powder85g

Bread improver (good quality)40g



Mixed peel120g

Liquid bun spice40g

Mixed spice10g

High-speed method

1. Place all ingredients in high speed mixer and mix for a total of 70 watt hours.

2. Add the fruit, mixed spice and bun spice and mix until clear, avoiding breaking up the fruit. Final dough temperature should be 27C.

Spiral and conventional mixer method

1. Add all the dry ingredients and the egg without the yeast and water. Start the mixing process.

2. Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add to the dough.

3. Mix for 2 minutes slow and 5 minutes fast.

4. Add the fruit, mixed spice and bun spice and clear to a dough.

5. Scale 80g portions of the dough and put into panettone cases. Prove for approx 35 minutes @ 32C (RH 86%).

6. Cross the buns with the paste (see recipe below), then bake at 18-22 minutes @ 200C.

7. Coat panettone buns with non-stick bun wash (recipe below) straight from the oven.

Crossing Paste



Soft flour300g

Vegetable oil105g

Water (cold)450g


1. Sieve cornflour and soft flour and add to mixing bowl fitted with a beater. Add oil.

2. Add water slowly and mix to a smooth paste.

3. Pipe crosses on buns using a disposable piping bag.

Note: This crossing paste will cross all of the buns in the above recipe. It can be made in advance, placed in disposable piping bags and stored in the fridge.

Non-stick bun wash



Whole egg340g


Hot water565g


1. Whisk all ingredients together well.

2. Wash buns straight from the oven.

Production notes

Add the fruit and mixed spice together

Soak the fruit in liquid bun spice to reduce the effect of slowing down the yeast. Yeast and water vary, according to bakery conditions

A high-speed bread improver is not required if a bulk fermentation process is used

Bulk fermentation is 1 hour and 30 minutes knock back at 1 hour

When making panettone hot cross buns, increase the butter in the recipe to 420g

This dough can also be used for:

standard hot cross buns (scaling weight: 80g, proving time 35 mins @ 32C, bake 18-22 mins @ 200C);

mini hot cross buns (30g, proving time 20 mins @ 32C - RH 86%; bake 10-15 minutes @ 200C)

tea cakes (90g, proving time 35 mins @ 32C, bake 18-22 mins @ 200C).