The introduction of a new low-glucose powdered fondant by Surafti UK is one of the company’s responses to market changes, says Paul Martin, Surafti UK’s technical sales manager. For Martin, the new fondant, Flemings Powdered Fondant LG, which has been under development for the past 12 months complete with trialling and analysis, is another example of Surafti’s special service .

Surafti’s approach is unique, he says, in that it does not rely on a few standard products but produces a blend to meet the specific production requirements for each customer.

Each of the company’s 31 fondant products has been designed to solve a specific problem during manufacturing, merchandising or storage. “Our bespoke recipe solutions, backed by full field and in-house technical support, help our customers to achieve the required end results,” says Martin.

Problems resolved

Surafti’s support team will visit a plant, assess the practicalities, advise or blend a one-off product accordingly. Some of the problem areas which have been resolved by this approach are the need for a gloss, quick setting times, enrobing, increased shelf life, particular flavour profiles, short eat qualities, freeze or chill stability and the need for powdered fondant.

Fondants have been made under the Flemings brand name for 145 years, building a level of expertise that results in consistent products which have gained recognition as an industry-standard, says Martin.

Fondant derivatives

The company’s standard fondant derivatives include the CW [close wrap] icing range, which it calls the first full-contact wrappable icing, suitable for fermented goods.

Variations include the gelatine-based CW Plus 200 and the gelatine-free vegetarian CW [V] options.

In the same range is Fondawrap Plus, an icing aimed at cake and confectionery lines, particularly where longer shelf-life is required.

For celebration cakes, Covapaste is the roll-out icing considered by many in the baking industry as an industry standard in sugarpaste, says Surafti, and equally suitable for industrial plant or creative modelling applications.