Eurobake (Bolton, Lancs) has devised a new design of retarder-prover, incorporating an innovative evaporator, which it claims gives greater energy and production efficiency and provides bakers with improved dough conservation control and proving.

A combined defrosting and heating element on the new evaporator offers more stable and sustainable temperatures, says the company. It is shallower than previous models, so the overall height of the retarder-prover is reduced, making the control panel more easily accessible.

An improved air delivery system, with repositioned ducts and shutters, offers even temperatures throughout the chamber, minimising the potential for products to dry out. The retarder-provers operate at working temperatures of -15ºC to +40ºC.

A multi-programme memory is operated through a touch-sensitive panel and visual display. The new retarder-provers also have streamlined external door handles and adjustable self-

lifting door hinges.