In The Times on Wednesday, a correspondent commended grey squirrels, a pest of which it is desirable to rid the country, as providing an agreeable food. The meat, it was stated, is as tender as rabbit, can be cooked similarly, and resembles it in taste. "If it were widely used to supplement the meat ration," added the writer, "the double purpose might be served of addition to our food supply and the extermination of a destructive animal."

It may not be generally known that the hedgehog is also said to taste like rabbit. It is eaten by gypsies, who bake it in clay. To the inquiry: "Do you like rabbit?" put to a woman, came the reply: "I have never tasted it and don’t intend to, but I’ve eaten hedgehog, which is supposed to taste the same".

The day may come when these dishes will find a place on the restaurant menu.

... Stop The Week thinks probably not.