We have had the usual newspaper correspondence regarding the hardships entailed by the journeyman bakers in making Hot Cross Buns, and we have even had a number of employers declaring publicly that it does not pay to make them, and that when the additional cost for overtime and the general upsetting of the business are taken into account, they would prefer to see Hot Cross Buns entirely abolished. In a town in Hampshire, which contains six master bakers, they entered into an agreement not to make Hot Cross Buns at all, as the amount of overtime involved compelled all hands to work incessantly for 24 hours. Yet the argument appears to us to be a little inconsequential. A custom can scarcely be considered to be dying out if it involves overtime to the extent of 24 hours. We have no sympathy at all with the cry, either inside or outside the trade, for the abolition of the Hot Cross Bun.