19 December, 1902: a moment of peace
Ere another issue is in the hands of our readers, the joybells that awaken so many happy memories will have rung out upon the December air, and another Christmas will be added as a pearl to the string of time. Many years ago, we first offered our Yuletide greetings in these pages, and many of our friends have accompanied us through the sunshine and darkness. We all lead busy and active lives. So each year Christmas, in its freshness, comes to afford a rest from labour, and to give an opportunity of recognising the deeper things of life. It is but momentary, the storm and the stress will break in again and work has to be renewed, and the ordinary duties, strenuous or monotonous, have to be taken up. But the great lesson of Christmas teaches us that even the struggles bring the consciousness of strength. It also gives us the privilege and opportunity of wishing all readers of British Baker a bright and joyous Christmas.