The National Skills Academy for Food and Drink is calling for industry-wide opinions on the new apprenticeship standards, called Trailblazers. 

The Trailblazer consultation aims to get the industry’s view on the first draft of new apprenticeship guidelines. The Bakery Trailblazer will aim to set an industry standard qualification for all bakers, in the craft, plant and retail sector.

The consultation period is from 1 April to 28 April 2015, and a survey can be filled out online here:

George Fuller, owner of Fullers Bakery and chairman of the Food & Drink Bakery Trailblazer, has called for bakers to take the opportunity to put their stamp on training.

He said: “The reason we feel we have to consult is because it is so fundamental; we are stripping right back to the beginning.

“We are trying to establish a standard that is recognised across the industry, irrespective of which particular discipline you are in. We are trying to canvass a big cross-section of the industry and it is imperative they give us some feedback.”

Fuller said the consultation was out there to ensure the industry had its own say on how its own members were trained, but he was confident the current Trailblazer guidelines would be well received.

He explained: “The standard has been devised by industry people already - it is not devised by anyone other than people actively involved in day-to-day baking. If people want to dramatically change it, I will be very shocked.”

The bakery Trailblazer board is made up of members from craft, plant and in-store bakery.  

The Trailblazer initiative, which is active across all industries, is designed to ensure the standard of apprenticeships meets employer needs and results in apprentices who are fully competent in their role on completion.