Kingsmill is back on TV this week, featuring Kingsmill Great Everyday White and its new Little Big Loaf, kicking off its largest multi-media initiative since the brand’s 2007 relaunch.

The company will sink millions into plugging the brand, spending more than £11m during the next year, following a £4m marketing drive on wholegrain earlier this year.

Martin Deboo, an analyst at Investec, said with milling and wheat prices falling, there was more money on the table for the big brands to invest in promotions. He added: "With so much capacity in the industry, they are all chasing growing volumes."

Kingsmill has also shrunk a number of its loaves in a bid to appeal to smaller households. Its new Little Big Loaf claims to be the only custom-made loaf on the market with full-size slices and takes advantage of relaxed legislation on bread weights.

The 525g versions of Great Everyday White and Tasty Whole-meal have 10 slices plus two crusts, while the Love To Toast variant has eight slices and two crusts all with an RSP of 95p. This compares to 20 slices in Kingsmill’s 800g loaf, which typically retails for £1.22. Unlike standard 400g loaves, Little Big Loaves are designed to be merchandised vertically to increase shelf stand-out.

Michael Harris, Kingsmill marketing controller, said: "We know there’s a demand among smaller households for a loaf with fewer slices, but which still has a full-size slice profile.

He continued: "We’re confident this launch will drive penetration of smaller loaves and cater to a clear gap in the market. The new format means smaller households benefit from reduced wastage."

In the year to 21 February, Kingsmill’s sales soared 24% to £339m and increased by 4.8% in volume [source: IRI].