Yeast-maker GB Ingredients’ owner Lallemand has pioneered a new yeast, which it says should help bread compete against breakfast cereals.
The new yeast, available from January, is a natural source of Vitamin D. This vitamin has recently been hitting the media headlines, with health experts saying that many Britons do not consume enough.
Bakers using Lallemand block, cream or instant dried yeast will be able to state on bread packs that the bread ’is a natural source of Vitamin D’.
Managing director of Lallemand UK Dr Mike Chell told British Baker: "This is a breakthrough pioneered by Lallemand. It will provide an excellent marketing platform for bread.
"The Vitamin D in the yeast is not an additive or enrichment; it is brought about by a natural ultra-violet action on the yeast, making the bread ’a natural source of Vitamin D’.
He continued: "Cereal manufacturers make great front-of-pack claims that their cereals are fortified with minerals and vitamins, including Vita-min D. But bread, too, con-tains nutrients."
White and brown flour is fortified with calcium, iron, thiamine and niacin, but this is not actively promoted by the baking industry at present. At the Federation of Bakers Conference earlier this year, Scott Clarke, category director for bakery at Tesco, said: "I would hold up the cereal industry as a potent example for driving consumption. Are we proactive enough in the baking industry? You should talk more about the positives."
The EU recommendation for children and adults is five micrograms or 200 IU per day. The UK recommends 10 micrograms for over-65s.
Two slices or 100g of bread made with Vitamin D yeast will provide 15% of the recommen-ded intake.
l For a full interview with Lallemand, see page 24.