Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has launched a new clean-label preservative for bakery products called Bakesafe.

"In our trials we had very positive results with Bakesafe compared to calcium propionate," explained Anne Lionnet, marketing manager for bakery at LCI. "Trials on the kinetics of mould growth showed there was no significant difference from using Bakesafe in the recipe in fact, Bakesafe gave a better result than the control."

The dosage for Bakesafe is 0.1-2.5% of the weight, or in substitution, depending on the initial quantity of calcium propionate. According to LCI, there is no significant difference on the rheology of the dough and no modification of the proof time. However, depending on the recipe, there can be a slight increase in the elasticity, but which LCI said is easily correctable.