Greetings from the Windy City, fellow Cakers! As it starts to cool down and the wind picks up, that special, spooky time of year falls upon us again: Halloween! There will be ghouls and goblins, witches and werewolves, perhaps even a couple of Miley Cyruses, too.

While the monsters are out and about, the gals - and gents - of the Cake Decorating world will be in their kitchens concocting loads of spooky, sugary goodness for us to admire. What better way to celebrate one of the most festive times of the year than to let your inner ghoul come to light? Around this time last year a number of cakers participated in a group initiative called "Sugar Spooks," where a group of 40+ amazing decorators banded together to sculpt delightfully scary sugar creations. These enticing creations ranged from psych ward patients to dolls with fangs dripping in blood. The level of creativity went above and beyond what anyone could imagine! Feel free to check out, if you dare!

While Halloween is indeed big in Chicago, one can expect your typical bakery creations to range from cakes adorned with orange hues to flavours that dive into the heart of Autumn such as Pumpkin, Spice, and even Apple Pie! We love to keep it simple and tame here.

About TK
She learned how to make sugar flowers and was soon taking Wilton (cake shop and school) classes, reading every cake design book she could get her hands on, and trying every recipe she could. She says cake decorating is a hobby at the moment, but she hopes some day to go pro and manage her own custom/speciality cake business, called ‘MsBijou’. Follow TK on Instagram @msbijou!