Marks & Spencer supplier Mademoiselle Desserts has announced the acquisition of Quality Pastries.

Mademoiselle Desserts employs 1,000 people across its six production facilities in France and the UK and covers 75% of the French industrial pastries market.

By acquiring Quality Pastries, which operates a production facility in the Netherlands and specialises in the development and manufacturing of frozen puff pastries. Mademoiselle Desserts will broaden its international customer base and strengthen its product offering.

Didier Boudy, CEO of Mademoiselle Desserts, said: “We’re excited about the strategic benefits this transaction will deliver to our company. Quality Pastries’ offering will allow us to provide a complete range of products and gives us a unique position in the industrial pastries market.”

Quality Pastries represents the latest development in Mademoiselle Desserts’ strategy, following the acquisitions of UK-based Speciality Desserts.

Jan-Martin Ridder, chief executive of Quality Pastries, commented: “Mademoiselle Desserts will provide us with the necessary financial backing to reach our ambitious development goals.

“While continuing our activity from Quality Pastries’ production facility in Weert, Netherlands, we will benefit from commercial synergies and an increase in our activity.”