With rising popularity of licensed celebration cakes, supplier Bakemark UK (Wirral, Cheshire) is capitalising on the uptake of its cake mixes, which it claims provide ease of use and added functionality, such as shelf-life extension.

The company’s Craigmillar brand includes a Rich Celebration Cake Mix, which can be used in both traditionally styled cakes or sheet cakes. The mix produces a moist fruit cake with crumb stability, says the firm, and bakers can add their own touches by using extra fruit, nuts, marzipan and icing. Also offered is the Madeira Cake Mix, which can be used for sheet cakes, traditional cakes or individual and mini cakes.

Taking its inspiration from the US, the firm’s Pudding Cake Base, under the Caravan Brill brand, is a traditional American concentrate for sheet and regularly-styled cakes, requiring only the addition of water, flour, eggs and oil. The mix has a vanilla flavour and moist open texture. This and its Chocolate Pudding Cake Base counterpart are said to stay fresh over prolonged storage periods. And the firm’s Yoghurt Cake Base allows bakers and caterers to create regular or low-fat cakes with a shelf life of up to 10 days.