Mono Bakery Equipment, part of the AGA Foodservice Group, offers bakers a range of doughnut fryers as well as doughnut-making equipment and accessories, including depositors, glazers and jammers.

The Belshaw Donut Robot range offers capacity of 200 to 1,500 doughnuts per hour - even more for miniature sizes.

The fryer works equally well with both cake and raised doughnuts. In what Mono claims is the "bake-off system for doughnuts", the Thermoglaze System thaws, heats and glazes pre-fried frozen doughnuts as well as other baked goods in less than five minutes, from start to finish.

Available in two models, with either a 25 dozen/hour or a 50 dozen/hour capacity, Thermoglaze regenerates the frozen doughnut twice and then gives it a light glazed sheen.

"Doughnuts are a highly profitable line for bakers - whether they are split and filled, jammed or glazed. With Thermoglaze, bakers can buy in ready frozen doughnuts, or make their own from scratch, completing as many as 50 doughnuts an hour!" says Chris