"Consumers are showing signs of fatigue of celebrity marketing. The cult of celebrity has reached a crossroads - over-exposed celebrities have saturated the market and ageing populations mean that the growth audience is shrinking.

"Marketers must therefore pursue new tactics to avoid the pitfalls that are associated with celebrity-backed campaigns or celebrity-branded consumer packaged goods"

- from a new report by market analyst Datamonitor. Hovis’ new ad agency, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, take a bow (see opposite)

"We want to see shops opening, not more cafés. We want to see something different in Havant to attract people here"

- Hampshire retailer Carol Fletcher, quoted in The Mirror, where the small town was reported to be ’in revolt’ after 15 coffee shops have opened in its centre. There is now talk of another Starbucks opening. Man the barricades...