"Other kids get their cake. I get a hard time. It’s not fair to my children. How can a name be offensive?"

- Heath Campbell from New Jersey grumbles - somewhat misguidedly, we feel - when his local bakery refuses to decorate a birthday cake with the name of his three-year-old son, Adolf Hitler Campbell

"Public reaction surprised us. Nowadays a store in south Taiwan can sell 700 cups of Salt Coffee per day, which is 20-30% more than the daily sale of our American coffee"

- Cathy Chung, spokeswoman for Taiwan’s biggest coffee chain, 85 Degree Bakery Cafe, on its latest innovation: salty coffee. Next on the launch list is Cheese Coffee and Fruity Coffee, featuring added cheese and mashed fruit

"Although the idea might sound bizarre, it really works"

- Martyn Wright of Staffordshire is included on a shortlist of six with his Cajun Squirrel flavour, following a competition to devise new varieties of Walkers crisps. On sale this month, a public vote will decide which one makes it to full-time production

"Pointless and meaningless waffle"

- The Plain English Campaign is less than impressed by the marketing of ’all butter mince pies’