"In my profession, my taste buds and sensory skills are crucial. My 18 years of experience enable me to distinguish between thousands of flavours. My taste buds also allow me to distinguish any defects"

- Gennaro Pelliccia, taster for Costa Coffee, who has insured his taste buds for £10m (incidentally the equivalent value of half a David Beckham leg)

"We’re not going to alleviate her guilt. This is something in her life. So the question for us was, how do we not trip her guilt?"

- noticed all those ’baked’ crisps emerging onto the market? Jill Nykoliation, president of the advertising agency Juniper Park in charge of US crisps giant Frito-Lay’s marketing, reveals why "baked" crisps were launched to target crisp-dodging women

"As soon as you open a bag up, the distinctive aroma of the Cornish pasty hits you"

- the bakery-crisps crossover continues with Sharen Parker, whose Lusty Pirate pasty-flavoured potato snacks are now selling in Tesco stores in Cornwall