"It’s devastating - a £2 sandwich has cost me my business, my home and everything I’ve worked on for the last 35 years"

- UK businessman Tony Scott rues the day he stopped for a £2 chicken sandwich, as thieves stole £500,000 worth of jewellery from the back seat of his car, when he left it for two minutes in a Tesco car park

"It is because we are useless; we are the only nation in the world that puts up with things we don’t like. If the French were unhappy about the price of bread, they would give up buying bread until the price went down. But the English would just moan about it and buy an extra loaf!"

- rock musician Rick Wakeman, speaking to the Chichester Observer, explains how being grumpy as a response to life’s frustrations is predominantly an English trait, using bread as an example

"Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I am hours away from going in to labour with my second baby. I will be up and about at the weekend and work on my entry. I’m really pleased it’s been extended I didn’t want to miss out."

- Kellie from the Cupcake Café expresses her relief that the deadline on BB’s National Cupcake Week cupcake competition has been extended, as she has another, rather more pressing appointment