Christmas cake if someone can find out who he is. He’s been a hero. Many people would have just looked out of the window and thought the weather was just too bad but he’s kept going and deserves some praise"

the Westmorland Gazette reports on a heartwarming story of one cake baker, Dianne Halliday of Mallerstang-based bakery Country Fare, and an unknown road gritter who cleared a foot of snow to allow her to fulfil her orders to Harrods, having struck her first deal to supply them this Christmas

"I came through the gate and they just came running up to me. One of them was after my hat. He was trying to get the hat off with his mouth and all of a sudden kicked me in my leg. He must have wanted to eat it"

a cautionary tale against wearing cake-themed clothing: Eileen Samme of Dorset was hospitalised after a horse took an undue fancy to her Christmas cake hat