"Many of us believe it is an essential and healthy part of our diet. But can we now afford to ignore the barrage of evidence which accuses our daily bread of contributing to a whole host of diseases?"

Once again in its continual barrage of ’good for you, bad for you’ articles, Daily Mail reporter Robina Dam (28.09.11) expends 697 words or 3,481 characters in an effort to prove to the world of Mail readers why bread is making you sick, and precisely 53 words or 258 characters on the counter-argument. Nothing like a balanced approach, Ms Dam!

"It simply can’t be true that so many people have a problem with wheat. A mere 1.5% of the population have a true allergy, covering everything from peanuts to milk"

Rebecca Cowley of the Flour Advisory Bureau, provides most of the Mail report’s counter-argument to the above article