Important developments in the world of cupcakes - the Guinness World Records? title for the largest cupcake has been achieved in Minneapolis. The mammoth creation, weighing 68.36kg and measuring 30.48cm tall by 60.96cm wide and organised by, was said to yield some 1,500 slices and took 13 hours to make.

But wait! In a turn that could seriously test transatlantic cupcake relations, a giant cupcake, which dwarfed this US effort, was unveiled one day earlier in London’s Covent Garden. The cake, which was not officially adjudicated, measured 1.25m by 1.2m and weighed just over 150kg, taking 50 hours to make.

The cake was the brainchild of UK cake maker Michelle Wibowo - a star of Stop the Week in October 2008 for winning the International Culinary Olympics for a life-sized dog-shaped sugar sculpture. At the risk of offending our American cousins, we think ours looks nicer. Let the cupcakes arms race commence!