TV Judge Oliver Peyton, of Peyton and Byrne, is to make a £1m investment in a new 18,000sq ft central bakery.

Peyton, a Great British Menu judge and food service entrepreneur, spoke to British Baker about the plans, which mean the company will have enough capacity to supply to 20 more shops.

The new central bakery unit will open in Park Royal, London where contracts are being finalised. It will allow the company to mechanise production of its cakes and bread, as it currently makes the majority of produce by hand. The site will also include a more advanced chocolate facility with a cold room.


Peyton said: “The key is to be able to send more of our fresh produce to all the Peyton and Byrne sites, and to be able to cater for more when we expand.

“It will be a more professional operation, in a more modern and up-to-date facility. It’s all about keeping produce fresh and consistent, while keeping the same homemade quality.”

The bakery has employed a completely new head office team to develop training programmes, develop management structure and expand the business.

The new space will be used to run more training courses for bakers at the company.

The company’s current production site in Bermondsey will be kept open for a further three months to ensure business is not disrupted in the transition. Bakeries will continue to bake on-site at certain shops, but more produce will be supplied from the new bakery.

The company received a £6.25m Business Growth Fund in 2012, which has helped fund the new facility.

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British Baker reporter, Bronya Smolen spoke to Peyton at his busy cafe in Covent Garden. Hear what he had to say by scrolling over the image below.