Dawn Foods (Evesham, Worcs) supplies the Adore brand, which comprises four lines of individually-wrapped premium bakery products: muffins, brownies, indulgence cakes and US-style cookies, available in a variety of flavours.

The company says the brand has been developed to meet a need for high quality, individually packaged bakery goods, suitable for the foodservice industry. Consumer research has shown that people want to spoil themselves, so the chewy cookies include flavours such as triple chocolate fudge.

Dawn also offers a cookie mix, available in vanilla, chocolate and oat-bran flavours, to create cookies with water and margarine or butter.

The company’s US-style cookie ‘pucks’ come in flavours including double chocolate and white chocolate, reflecting the flavours most popular in the US. The frozen, preportioned pucks are placed on a baking sheet and then in the oven, where baking spreads them to the correct diameter in minutes.