Managing director David Sanger of Rollover (Slough, Bucks) comments: “Hot dogs were reputedly invented in Germany but they have become an American institution and are an essential part of any US-themed event or promotion.

“Hot dogs are one of the top food-on-the-go snacks and Rollover is a leading player in the category. If bakers are planning a US promotion it makes sense to include Rollover hot dogs and call on the best in the business.”

Rollover offers an extensive range of top quality German Bockwurst sausages in six sizes. The 38g Large Size and 26g Party Size canned hot dogs boast a two year shelf life, while ambient pouched hot dogs with a six month shelf life are offered in 90g Jumbo, 72g Super Size, 50g King Size and 50g Chicken King Size. Rollover Hot Dogs are pre-cooked and require heating before serving.