Multiple retailer Sainsbury’s has announced that it is "on course" to be the first retailer to use 100% British flour in its own-label sliced bread.

This follows the announcement, in July this year, that its 400 in-store bakery-produced products are now made using 100% British flour, sourced with the help of farming co-operative Camgrain.

Around 40 million loaves of Sainsbury’s own-label bread are sold per year (excluding ISB) and, according to a statement from the company, it has already converted "the biggest selection" of its own-label bread range to 100% British flour, and has plans for converting its remaining own-label sliced bread ranges.

Completed conversion of the entire category is expected next year. However, as a result of the move, the retailer is currently sourcing an additional 1,500 tonnes of flour a week from UK farmers.

The switch to British flour has taken over nine months of development in order to ensure consistent long-term supply, with benefits including full traceability.

Annie Graham, Sainsbury’s head of sustainability, said the provenance of the ingredients used in its food is a key issue for the supermarket, as well as for its customers.