== Pine nuts: ==

It is increasingly likely that prevailing demand will be affected by prices being pushed up exponentially. Pine nuts are almost certain to see diminishing demand, but the extent and timing of this fall remains to be seen. Fuelled by the stronger dollar, prices have been pushed close to the £10/kg for bulk for the first time in 10 years.

== Pumpkin seeds: ==

Prices, although well below pine nuts, have also climbed. UK prices look vulnerable due to a sustained decline in the value of sterling. Global demand will drop especially at these newly established prices which are over 100% higher than their usual traded levels but, currency permitting, we would expect to see stable prices rather than the exponential increases into 2009 we expected a few months ago.

== Sunflower seeds: ==

China has stepped up its production of sunflowers both to respond to increased demand from both manufacturers and crushers. With an unexpected reduction in global edible oil prices this year, the optimal Chinese supply has encouraged weaker "sunseed" pricing although for us in the UK, the currency adjustment has done us no favours. The net result is that spot prices are trading at parity to where they were before the currency depreciation.

l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis.