Starbucks has said it is “very pleased” with the initial results of its wireless charging trial. 

In January it introduced wireless charging at 10 trial sites across London, following the pledge in the US to stage a roll-out of wireless charging to 2,000 branches.

The chain chose Powermat for the job, which requires users to plug in an adapter to their phone. The ring-shaped devices can be borrowed or bought for £10 and Starbucks installed specially equipped tables.

A spokesperson said: “We are very pleased with the initial results of the 10 stores in the UK with wireless charging – there has been good uptake. It is not announced whether it will roll out.”

Meanwhile, the just-launched later opening times at the Stansted Airport branch, run by SSP UK, have also been a success according to customer feedback. Sales figures have not been disclosed, but a spokesperson said: “We are absolutely planning to expand the programme but there is no announcement on where or when. It is going to be an exciting year.”

The Evening Programme runs from 4pm, includes hot and cold food, wine and beer, and has been trialled in 30 US locations as well.