What rhymes with brunch? How about drunch and slunch? No, you are not reading Stop the Week, these two are for real.

Apparently, after inventing brunch breakfast and lunch the Americans have now come up with drunch, to signify dinner and lunch, and slunch for supper and lunch. Robert Whittle, general manager of Pidy tells British Baker: "They are new terms and represent a new era for buffet eating at different times of the day or just special bakery treats."

Pidy certainly believes they offer up new opportunities for its core range of frozen, baked, ready-to-fill pastry products, which now includes three new launches.

Chocolate Trendy Shells are pastry shells that come in three small shapes, circular, triangle and square. They can be filled with fruits, mousses and are stable enough even to fill with espresso coffee! Whittle says they are aimed at bakers who may be short of time but want something eye-catching for buffet orders or consumer impulse buys: "They add a darker dimension to desserts and cry out for a luscious filling," he says.

Tulipe Cups fit into the cupcake category. Small and sweet, the waffle baskets are like mini-cakes or desserts. They come in two versions plain or with a chocolate lining. Both are freeze-thaw stable. Fillings such as crèmes, fruit, ice-cream or sorbets can used as fillings to tempt customers for buffet occasions or a daily treat.

A new Filo Cup, which contains 5% less fat and comprises six layers, is described as ’light and crunchy’. Available in mini and large versions, they can be filled with savoury or sweet fillings and used hot or cold. For buffets they can be filled two to three hours in advance, with fillings such as moussaka topped off under the grill with grated cheese. Or for cold, used as a carrier for salads and rice or fruit and mousses. They remain crisp for two hours once filled. All are available from wholesalers, including Brakes, as well as cash and carry.

Company development

Whittle says: "Pastry is an indulgence so of course they contain saturated fats but no trans or hydrogenated fats. We have manufacturing sites in Belgium, France and the US. We are building a new factory in the US over three times the size of the current plant, due to our success worldwide."

At the moment, the company produces and exports filo, puff, choux, and shortcrust ready-to-fill products, among others. Most have a long shelf-life and are freeze-thaw stable. Pidy is also known for meringues and Genoese sponge, but "watch this space", says Whittle, as "different" new launches are planned for the New Year.