Taura Natural Ingredients has introduced a range of ingredients combining ancient grains and 100% pure concentrated fruit and vegetables.

The Ultra Rapid Concentrated (URC) Inclusions range uses grains such as quinoa, amaranth and chia, alongside fruit and vegetable accompaniments. It is suitable for applications in the snack, bakery, breakfast cereal and confectionery categories.

The range can also incorporate crisped rice and cereals for a crunchy texture, sweet treats like chocolate for more indulgent product concepts, and is ideal for functional ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics.

Mattias van Uffelen, head of European sales at Taura, said: "Ancient grains are set to be one of the top food industry trends for 2012. Now, thanks to URC Inclusions, we can offer companies a great way to benefit from this by creating innovative products that not only look and taste superb, but also tap into consumer demand for healthy and delicious products."