It’s that time of the week again when we round up what whacky and wonderful things have been going on in the world of bakery. This time expect cat cafes, record breaking doughnut orders and, of course, toilet cafes... 

Cats and coffee

The north-east’s first cat café has opened its doors. The aptly-named Mog on the Tyne in Newcastle has its own resident family of cats to soothe, relax and, in some cases, irritate visitors. Katie Jane Glazier, founder, said: “We might have been nervous but the cats are really calming and soothing – even if some of them do like to climb all over you when you’re trying to work.”

So popular is the café that customers can visit by advance hour-long bookings only. Purrfect timing to get some feline love and knack back a cattuccino.

Thomas Crapper wouldn’t believe it

We’ve all noticed by now that the trend for specialised venues is going well. There’s the crisp café, the coffee shop that only serves seaweed tea on Saturdays and the restaurant that only opens when it rains, but try this one out.

A café in Seoul, South Korea has mixed two un-mixable themes – namely lavatories and food and drink. The effects are surprisingly tasteful, but British Baker still isn’t convinced of its roll-out power. Described as a place with ‘quirky poop hidden treasures’, some of the main feast attractions included coiled turd-shaped cakes and napkins as well as coffee served in mini toilets with adorable cistern handles and foam, again, in a coiled turd shape. The venue also includes squat toilets reused as planters.

That sugar craving

Another record has been smashed and it’s rather outside the world of athleticism. A Los Angeles resident made an odd choice when it came to his doughnut order, and rather than turn to any number of entrenched super brands in his native US – Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts – he put his order to industrial firm Berlidon in France.

This is where it gets crazy – he reportedly ordered no fewer than one million of the blighters based on nothing but one recommendation. We hope it was a sound one!